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Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

― Henry Ford

  • My “Making Friend” Approach

    2021-01-19 by

    I have been trying to have less interaction with unfamiliar faces for many years, because I don’t want to build a relationship which may hurt me badly at the end. I was eager to meet new people when I was 20s, because they always brought something new to me, maybe a new concept, a new… Read more

  • A Cup of Latte

    2021-01-18 by

    I’m not a big fan of coffee, and I even don’t know how to define a good coffee, but drinking a tasty latte always makes me feel pleased and comfortable. In my point of view, a good latte should not be too hot to hurt your tongue, but also not too cold to cool you… Read more

  • Friday… Friday… It’s Friday !

    2021-01-15 by

    “Yeah! This week is finally over! Weekend, weekend, I like weekend! Yeah!” I whooped in my heart, walking out from the office building. OK, I confessed. This week was not that hard indeed, because I only needed to back to office for 3 days. But, as a professional slacker, dislike of working and being excited… Read more

  • Get Up in Winter Morning

    2021-01-14 by

    It is a real challenge to get up early for work in winter. Even I can wake up on time, I can’t leave my bed on time. It’s hard to tell myself to leave my bed, especially it is only 6 degrees. However, to earn the living, I must get up and leave home on… Read more

  • Forever Cold Hands

    2021-01-13 by

    After running a street long for catching the bus, I felt I was on fire, but I found that my hands were still freezing. Are my hands really a part of me? No matter how hot I am, they still remain cold. Why? Some people say that it is because I’m too weak and not… Read more

  • Dry and Cracked Skin

    2021-01-12 by

    The cold weather always comes with low humidity, and the dryness makes me feel like someone stretching my skin. I don’t have the habit of using lotion, because the humidity of this city is always in mid to high level, and I don’t feel I need to apply any lotion. However, the recent cold weather… Read more

  • Cold…

    2021-01-11 by

    The weather is pretty cold these days, and it’s hard to keep warm all the day because we don’t have heating at home. If I stay still for certain time, I’ll feel cold even I wear my winter jacket. To stay warm, I’ll drink hot water. It works, but drinking too much water will make… Read more

  • Dessert Time

    2021-01-09 by

    I want to try the Japanese souffle pancake for a long time, but haven’t had a chance to taste it, because the queues are always super long, and of course I won’t stand there for over an hour for a dessert. But finally, my chance has come. A new shop which serves Japanese souffle pancakes… Read more

  • Pizza Idea

    2021-01-07 by

    Sometimes, I will think of having a piece of pizza for lunch, tea or late night snack, however not many restaurants offer a slice, and I’m unable to eat one whole pizza at a time, so, in the end, I can’t help but give up this thought. Luckily, I’ve found a recipe for making your… Read more

  • ZOOM Class

    2021-01-06 by

    Today I have had my French class by ZOOM. I’m so glad to have something meaningful to do finally. After finishing the class, I felt myself full of energy. Now, I know why I am so moody these days. It’s because I have too much free time. Well, of course, I’ll still try best to… Read more

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