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Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

― Henry Ford

  • 30 Days “Think in English” Challenge #28

    2020-10-22 by

    Beers, a bar, a necklace, a hair clip, an armchair, bracelets, one-piece dresses, picture frames Drinking, laughing, fun, playful Every now and then, these four friends will get together and go for a drink. Their favorite bar is located at the city center. The bar has various kinds of beer, and these four friends always… Read more

  • 30 Days “Think in English” Challenge #27

    2020-10-21 by

    Tourists, a dog, a medical mask, a tattoo, a barrel, bicycle, street lamp Exploring, showing, bustling, vintage A local was walking her dog, when she came to the corner, a person stopped her and asked for direction. The friendly local showed the stranger the direction by her hand. Two girls were exploring the city on… Read more

  • 30 Days “Think in English” Challenge #26

    2020-10-20 by

    Spiderman, newspaper, outdoor sign, crowd, buildings Reading, crowd It’s a funny picture, someone cosplay as Spiderman and is sitting at the rooftop. He is reading the newspaper in front of the big sign of “The New York Times”. Is he reading their publication? The street down there is extremely busy and crowd, and seems no… Read more

  • 30 Days “Think in English” Challenge #25

    2020-10-19 by

    Life jacket, paddel, kayak, rocks, water, waves, clouds Kayaking, comfortable Kayaking is one of the water sports. You don’t need many equipment for doing this sport. You just need a kayak, a paddle, and a life jacket. You may bring a water proof bag along with you to carry your personal belongings. If you are… Read more

  • 30 Days “Think in English” Challenge #24

    2020-10-18 by

    A single hung window, window shutters, a cleaner, a sponge, a face mask, an eye mask, plastic gloves Cleaning, sweeping, dusty The window hasn’t been cleaned for long and is very dusty. A cleaner is coming to clean the dusty window. Chemical cleansers may be used, and to protect from being hazarded, the cleaner has… Read more

  • 30 Days “Think in English” Challenge #23

    2020-10-17 by

    A breakfast, pouched eggs, spinach, a piece of garlic bread, mushrooms, sausages, ham, tomato, cutlery Tucking in, making, fulfilled, upbeat To make a English breakfast, we need to have some mushrooms, a slice of ham, two sausages, a piece of tomato, some spinach and a slice of bread. First, we toast the bread, and spread… Read more

  • 30 Days “Think in English” Challenge #22

    2020-10-16 by

    An outdoor umbrella, a cold iced tea, so coasters, straws Hanging out, cool Two customers were sitting outside under an outdoor umbrella. They liked hanging out here, because the seats were comfortable and the environment was relaxed. Someone has ordered an iced tea, and a server has made it and put it on the bar… Read more

  • 30 Days “Think in English” Challenge #21

    2020-10-15 by

    Keys, a pencil, a tag, a piece of paper, a chain, a pair of shoes, a clue Searching, investigating, dark A man wanted to open his cabinet, but it was locked, and he totally forgot where the key was. Therefore, he searched the whole house and found a bunch of keys, and he decided to… Read more

  • 30 Days “Think in English” Challenge #20

    2020-10-14 by

    A street, private cars, an espresso, a sport watch, a book, a laptop, a graph Working, thinking, chill During the period of COVID-19, people are requested to work from home. However, not everyone has an appropriate environment at home for working, especially if you have kids, working from home would be a disaster. Therefore, some… Read more

  • 30 Days “Think in English” Challenge #19

    2020-10-13 by

    A basket of bread, a cloth, a bottle of mineral water, a piece of thick cut pork chop, tomato sauce Grilled, off the chain, tender, juicy After whole day working, it would be a good idea to blow off steam with a big meal. The grilled thick cut pork chop was perfectly cooked. It was… Read more

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